Cash for trash – why we need to unleash a national CDS

As a nation, we're decidely trashy. A nation-wide container deposit system (CDS), similar to the scheme in place in South Australia, is on the cards right now and could make a big difference. 

Practical Michael: Swann’s Appliance Repair

David Swann lives at the end of a hilly no-through road in Montmorency. By his driveway there is a sign that says Swann’s Small Appliance Repair. Now there's a big black CLOSED sticker across the sign. 

Sent to the Cat house? Make it a recycled one!

Cameron Tout recently discovered that all it takes to make a cathouse into an ecofriendly cathome is a little imagination, a lot of determination and a dash of serendipity.

Recycled bi-fold doors looking out to the backyard.

Old vs New: The minimalist renovation

Many have a renovation story to tell, a story of woe that just goes on and on. Justine's tale began with the triangle of new parenthood, limited finances and an old, draughty house.

Kid vacuuming

Spring clean your home

Just as we begin to prepare our gardens, the urge to open windows and air out the corners of our homes begins too! We have compiled some basic tips to get you started.

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