What types of plants can you plant on your nature strip?


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The most suitable type of nature strip plants will depend on how much sun the spot gets, the wind exposure (most plants don’t like wind) and the soil type (not all plants like sand).

I’d suggest hardy natives and bushtucker as a good start. Best way to find out is to ask the local nursery for what is native to the area.

There are quite a few herbs that are hardly and suitable such as rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender though they like to have some sun, so again, it will depend on the spot you have in mind whether these herbs would be suitable.

It's also nice to plant some pretty flowers – marigolds, native geranium... a good bug mix from Greenharvest is great for attracting the nice guys.

Furthermore, rainbow chard, beets, beans are hardy veggies and legumes are very good for improving the soil. And if you have enough space, then citrus and lime trees are fabulous too, though they need some good soil and compost.


Don't forget to call your local Council- they own the nature strip and may ask you to remove it if it obstructs pedestrians


Contact your local council first!!! There may be powerlines above and planting a big tree that will eventually grow near or through them will forever need maintainence, causing poor tree form and being a pain for electrical companies having to constantly trim it.
We also do not want to plant environmental weeds so ask Council which plants are not good to plant in your area.
Also many local councils actually plant street trees in residential streets - for free! Ring your local council and they may even give you some options of free trees/shrubs to plant on your footpath.
Make sure you do not impede the Postie either!

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